Bewitched By Blogging

Today is my blog’s three month anniversary. I hadn’t ever read a blog until I googled my old friend Annie Galvin and found her at Wexford Girl. It was lucky for me she had kept her maiden name, otherwise I wouldn’t have ever found her.

(That is like one of the female curses; pain in childbirth, your husband will rule over you, and you will have to change your name to his, making it virtually impossible for your old friends to ever find you.)

Then there were the hours upon hours of blog-bouncing. Bewitched, I read one after another and with every one I read, I knew I wanted to have one of my own. Within about three weeks mine was up and throwing out such memorable posts as “Frankly Mr. Shankly” and “My High School Husbands”, and embarrassing confessions like “Raging Gorillas, Mint Juleps and Time Travel” and “Vain Confessions from Me, Suzanne Broughton.”

I want to deeply thank everyone who has been reading and letting me know they like it. It gives me a wave of pure joy when someone says, “That is just like what you were writing about…”

My objective with (Emphasis Mine) is to make you smile (or smirk), think about the wonders in our daily life, and boss you around a little.

I have earnestly made a personal oath to myself not to whine, or show you endless pictures of my kids, and to always be hopeful and kind while still being sly and clever. I hope you are liking me my blog.

I Like Blogging Because…

I like blogging because a.) I can give up on it any time I want with really no consequence whatsoever, which is my favorite kind of endevor,
b.) I can incorporate all of my senseless interests (see Interests below) into one place for all to see that I really am a very petty and immature person, c.) I can do it when my kids are in the tub, d.) my friends have heard all of my stories and theories and frankly are sick to death of me e.) I can’t afford to buy a Juicy Purse to make my personal statement about myself, and f. ) I can further explore my love of making long lists.