Daily Photo: Lifeguard tower in Laguna Beach


Daily Song:

Billy Bragg’s “Short Answer.” You can go to my BLIP.fm to listen all my daily songs.

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Daily Photo: My brothers and me

My brothers and me, 1969


My brothers and me, last weekend


Daily Song:

The Weepies “The World Spins Madly on.” You can go to my BLIP.fm to listen all my daily songs.

Daily Photos: Mariachi Players at Moreno’s


My kids love to hear them play “It’s a small world.”

Daily song:

Joni Mitchell’s “Cactus Tree” You can go to my BLIP.fm to listen

Daily Photo: “Not all heros wear capes.”


…some have tattoos and fix your iPhone.

Daily song: Lloyd Cole “Undressed.”

Daily Photo: Cigar Store Indians of Orange County


I love Cigar Store Indians and started snapping pictures of them throughout Orange County about a month ago. Here are three; in Orange at the Circle, in an antique store in San Juan Capistrano, and in Frontierland in Disneyland.

I’m going to try posting a daily song along with my photo.

Thanks to the magic of BLIP.fm, I am able to post a song and you are able to listen to it–free. If you aren’t familiar with BLIP.fm, it’s a bit like the love child of iTunes and Twitter. It’s a comunity of people who love music but, it’s also like a jukebox, playing the songs you choose–again, for free.

When you add DJ’s to your group, you can listen to their music as well–did I mention it’s free? If you want to join me there, click on the big, yellow BLIP.fm button and get yourself distracted by yet another social network. Seriously, Facebook? How two months ago…

The Daily Song was Elivis Costello’s Shipbuilding.

Daily Photo: George at Central Bark


Daily photo: The Giant Wheel at the Irvine Spectrum


For more skies from around the world, go to Sky Watch Friday

Daily Photo: They wouldn’t dare!


Sign at Urbanism Furniture in Costa Mesa.

Daily Photo: Windows in Orange County


Seven trillion dollars to the person who can name where each window is located. 

Daily Photo: Start shopping. Start saving.