Daily Photo: “Verse for a certain dog” with his head out a certain car window


Daily Photo: Wedding day for friends


Today, dear friends of ours got married in San Clemente.

It was a brilliant day.

I wore my favorite red dress.

Daily Photo: The “Way 2 Fast” shop



The “Way 2 Fast” shop in the Orange Circle (or The Plaza if you like) is Way-2- Cool-a-place not to take a little boy. John, the owner, has assembled the most mind-boggling array of Pez, Hot Wheels, tin lunch boxes, and bobble heads I have ever seen.

My son collects Pez dispensers, so a trip to Way 2 Fast is almost always the answer to “What do you want to do today?” Follow it up with a stop by Watson’s for a shake at the counter and it is the perfect 4-year-old date.

Daily Photo: Statue at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery


I pass a Catholic cemetery every day on my way to take the kids to school. This statue barely peeks above the hill. You can just see the top of his hands from the road.

Finally, I had to go see what the entire statue looked like.

It marks a family grave. I honestly don’t know who it is supposed to be: Jesus? A Saint?

I love the autumn sky in this picture. So I made it my first entry for Sky Watch Friday.

Daily Photo: Keep Praying Mantis


Daily Photo: Moon sliver over Anaheim Stadium


There’s something almost majestic about passing Anaheim Stadium when it’s filled for a game. I snapped this out the car window on the way to our first Ducks game of the season. I will post about it tomorrow.

If you want to catch up on my newfound love of hockey as preparation, you can read these stories I wrote for the Orange County Register:

“My (totally) Lame Ducks Story”

“Girl-me vs. Hockey-me at the Ducks Game”

Daily Photo: Converse(ations)


(Love my Converse)

Daily Photo: Roller Girl


This is OC Roller Girl “Strychnine.”

“The Battle on the Base” bout on Saturday night was as brutal, fun, and filled with gnarly enchantment as I had hoped.

I can’t wait to start writing it up tonight (totally using the phrase “gnarly enchantment”).

P.S. Wishing Retro all the best in her recovery from a nasty crash during the first bout.

Orange County Daily Photo dedication

I added a “Daily Photo” to my blog about a month ago. It started out as “Today’s Snapshot,” but that implies it was taken that very day. Now, though I lead a devastatingly interesting life, I couldn’t produce anything worth your time every day. (Unless you have an unending interest in laundry and flip flops.)

The reason I started a daily photo was to give a quick little something to my friends and readers who are too busy to read a long, fascinating story about how I had the song “Wake me up before you Go-Go” stuck in my head one summer or watch a three minute video about how I’m too afraid to get off the freeway in LA.

I also feel a great, unexplainable, exceedingly obsessive need to share (my) Orange County with the world–whenever the world decides to stop by my blog (which it hasn’t yet, even though I send it an email blast every week).

So, Alive in Wonderland’s Daily Photo is dedicated to my hurried, productive friends who read my blog…oh, and to the world.

Everyday. One picture from Orange County…or a collage…not necessarily taken that day…yeah, and not particularly very good…now I’m just rambling.


I love this picture taken in San Juan Capistrano this weekend.

Daily Photo: San Juan Capistrano