Today’s Snapshot: The Lab in Costa Mesa


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Today’s Snapshot: The Lab in Costa Mesa


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Today’s Snapshot: Grocery shopping surveillance


Taking my camera everywhere these days

Today’s Snapshot: Welcome to Wonderland


As you can plainly see, I’ve changed the name of my blog to “Alive in Wonderland.” It will still be me writing, making videos, and posting my marginal photography everyday. I’m going to be adding some more Orange County elements like blog rolls and links, but basically, you will still be getting the same nonsense you have come to expect from me.

If you have an Orange County blog, please email me and I will be happy to add you to my OC blog roll. You can reach me through my refreshed “About Me.”

Thanks for continuing to read me!

Note: If you use Google Reader, you will have to go in “feed settings” and then rename the subscription. Bloglines automatically did this. Not sure why Google is being so difficult. It just thinks it’s sooooo special.

Today’s Snapshot: The beauty of Costco


Today’s Snapshot: George’s Twin



I know. I couldn’t put my finger on it until now either.

Today’s snapshot: Carrie’s shoes

Upon raiding her closet at her dinner party, Carrie’s insanely impeccable taste in shoes was revealed.


Today’s snapshot: Shiny animals


We came across these creatures at an antique store in The Circle in Orange. (That bunny looks slightly demented to me. I wouldn’t turn my back on him.)

Today’s Snapshot: My favorite game on Main Street


Bowling man at the Penny Arcade, Disneyland

Today’s Snapshot: Larry in San Juan Capistrano


I love the building in the background. I love the guy in the foreground. This picture really works for me.