Today’s snapshot: Em learns to ride a bike


Today’s snapshot: McLiquor Store


In Huntington Beach.

I used to LOVE the Hamburglar!

Searching for their names? Searching, searching: Fry Kids and Birdie The Early Bird.

Today’s snapshot: A few of my favorite things


The windows at Anthropologie. Hazel waiting for me when I get home. The “Dutch Baby” at The Pancake House.

Today’s snapshot: Lunch imitates art


My lunch resembled my favorite magazine’s cover. Thought you would all appreciate the paradox.

Today’s snapshot: George at the Spectum


Today’s snapshot (s): All around Orange County today


Today’s snapshot: What do you see when you look inside a Woody?

A Woody, of course.


The inside of a Woody at the Huntington Beach Car Show.

Today’s snapshot: Em & George shopping at Anthropologie


Today’s snapshot: Teacup spot

Sitting in the teacups, looking up at the perfect sky through the lanterns and crossed vines.


Today’s snapshot: Right back at ‘ya Foolery

So, this is the classic blog photo: A shot of the blogger, taken by the blogger in their mirror. Almost every blog has at one time or another sported this picture. My guess is it’s because:

A. blogger has been banned from mentioning blog ever again to friends, hence, hindering ability to ask someone to take picture for blog
B. always the dead of night while blogging and everyone else is fast asleep
C. blogger likes the natural diffusion that usually occurs in one of these shots due to glare
D. blogger thinks they look cute that day and no one is at home to take picture

I took this picture to post as a tribute to Foolery, one of my favorite blogs. She uses it as her profile picture but I suspect her reasons are much more interesting and less petty than the ones listed.


If you are a fan of Foolery, or have another reason (see A-D above) please post your own obligatory “Blogger in the mirror” shot.