Find the beauty in your life


I took this photo on the windy terrace of the breathtaking Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast. I love the idea of adding my reflection to the stunning scene behind me. I was there for a mom blogger getaway event for OC Family.  You can read all the glorious details by clicking right here.

The photo was taken on my well-loved iPhone and spruced up by an app called “Best Camera.”  I’ll wait while you go download it right now….**tap**tap**tap**…

I learned about the app, and about a brillion other things about photography on Saturday at a class given by the crazy talented gals of Any-Time Art. For 4 hours 15 gals were taught about aperture, and shutter speeds, and dozens of tricks to make our photos of our kids and lives look their very best.  Women helping other women make their lives more there any better way to spend a Saturday morning?

I ♥ my iPhone, have we covered this already?



I took this photo of the window at Anthropologie at The Irvine Spectrum this weekend (go here to see the entire photo sideshow).   It was taken with my iPhone and the spruced up with the “Best Camera ” app.  It’s my submission to Mommy iMoments.

I love the colors and cheerfulness of this photo.  When thinking of a song to go with it, this one came right to my mind.  Hope everyone has a colorful and cheerful Monday.


Madalenine Peyroux signing

“Some fun out of life”

I can’t get over how much she sounds like my beloved

Billie Holiday.



The Kite Song


This is a kite that waved and the confetti that floated above Disneyland’s Main Street during a ceremony for two Disney legends– Richard and Robert Sherman.  Two pretty remarkable men you’ve probably never heard of, but who wrote the soundtrack to many of your childhood memories.

You can read my full story here.


While I was editing the photo, this song by Patty Griffin came to mind: Patty Griffin’s Kite Song.

Best Shot Monday: Anaheim Ducks



The theme for Tracey Clark’s  Best Shot Monday this week is “I **heart** These Faces” and I easily chose this one of Anaheim Ducks players, Teemu Selanne, Jason Blake, Saku Koivu and a boy who is receiving treatment for cancer at CHOC Hospital.

I took the photo last night while I was doing a story on CHOC night at the Ducks game.  I **hearted** the faces of some of my favorite hockey players a little more after watching how friggin’ awesome they were to the boy and his family. Given both Saku Koivu and Jason Blake are cancer survivors, the smiles and encouraging words were even more ***heart***felt.

So, for the second time in Best Shot Monday, I’m submitting a hockey photo (see my photo and post of Giguere, here). Sometimes it’s hard to be a girl that loves hockey, but I think Tracey understands me.

Story and video coming…


More things I’ve written about the Ducks:

Corey Perry Fights Robots, here.

Hockey Me vs. Girl Me, here.

Why I love (**heart**) hockey, here.

Lunch with a friend


It’s one of those funny ironies in life that one of the most important aspects of our lives, one of the biggest blessings, one of the things you treasure the most–friendships–usually spring from seemly insignificant experiences, inane common interests or sometimes just dumb luck.

The first friend I ever made online, right after I started my blog, was Lisa Mertins. Our friendship started because of a rock. She posted a picture of a beautiful, dark, smooth rock on her blog. I knew that I would like someone who dedicated a whole post to a rock. I’m the type of person who picks up a pretty rock, puts it in my pocket, takes it home, washes it, and puts it with all the other pretty rocks I’ve collected and so is she (‘inane common interest’ illustrated).  That rock was a bridge into each other’s lives.

We rarely get to see each other in real life anymore, but Lisa and I met for lunch at Kimmie’s in the Orange Circle on Monday when she was in Orange County for the afternoon. We split a our sandwiches–pastrami and an egg salad if you must know–and as we talked I felt like I could stay there all day surrounded by our friendship, the surly waitresses and the kitsch of St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  I felt happy, understood: all because of a rock.


Lisa is a phenomenal artist. She worked for years as an illustrator for The Orange County Register, so her style might look familiar to you. Now, as an independent artist, her work has reached new heights of  spectacularness! (Oh, yay, made up word).


‘Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales’


Emily and I fooling around today on the lawn. This song came on in her room as she was falling asleep and I was editing the photo.  It’s like a child’s lullaby when you look at it that way and if you know Emily, it’s the perfect song for her.

Little Wing

Well she’s walking through the clouds

With a circus mind that’s running round

Butterflies and zebras

And moonbeams and fairy tales

That’s all she ever thinks about

Riding with the wind.


When I’m sad, she comes to me

With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free

It’s alright she says it’s alright

Take anything you want from me,


Fly on little wing,


Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

Jimi Henrix


I love Sting’s version of Little Wings.


Briefly back.

Well Hello!  I’m back from my blogging hiatus and have a lot to share, but only time for a quick post.  This is my photo of The Huntington Beach Pier  for  OC Daily Photo.  The pier is one of my favorite location in OC to shoot.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s my hometown or because the area is so beautiful, but I have taken a mountain of photos of it.  


Listening non-stop to Jeff Buckley this last week.  Such a sad story about an Orange County boy: Phenomenally talented, tragically lost. 



Best Shot Monday: Kicking it in pink kicks on Sunday afternoon



On Best Shot Monday over at Tracey’s blog, she asked us to share a photo from our weekend. This shot is of my daughter kicking it in her pink Converse on the field at Angels Stadium during the Orange County Down Syndrome Association’s Buddy Walk. This is well after the walking portion of the day, as we waited for The English Beat (watch video of them performing Twist and Crawl here) to take the stage.

Check out my full story of The Buddy Walk over at OC Family.




Funny side story about these pink Converse: Ben begs me to throw them away because he once had a  bad dream about them. In the dream, they came running down the hallway all by themselves and tried to “make” him eat an orange (which he maintains is the worst fruit ever). He didn’t even want me to post this picture because it gives him the creeps. I think they’re cute.


Pictures in Wonderland: South Coast Shipyard



This shot of the South Coast Shipyard building on the Balboa Peninsula is my addition to OC Daily Photo today. I’m the Wednesday photographer, which means every Wednesday I get my chance to show off a little bit of OC with one photo. 



Blip Wednesday is also the day I share what I’ve been listening to on my Blip.Fm Channel.

This week it’s JAZZ and lots of it. 

Specifically, my favorite gals signing jazz standards: Ella; Billie; Diana; Sarah. You can listen to my playlist by clicking over. Just consider it another way I can impose my taste and mood on you. YAY!

Pictures in Wonderland: The Filling Station

Filling station

This is my photo for Orange County Daily Photo this week. This shiny Rolls Royce was sitting in front of The Filling Station in Old Towne Orange just begging to get its picture taken. If you haven’t eaten at The Filling Station yet, you’ve got to get down there while the weather is still nice, sit on the patio and have a Veggie Burger and Iced Tea. 


It’s great people watching (read: Chapman students in skinny jeans and architects eating salads). Then you can head over to the The Heavenly Hostess (which I wrote about here), who has moved to the location right under the Flats, and pick yourself up something you don’t need, but must have.

Spending time at “The Circle” always reminds me of hanging out there in High School.  This song is one of my favorites.  
The Jam’s “Beat Surrender.”

“Fill your heart with joy and gladness. 

You’ve lived too long in the shadow of sadness.”