Friday Five: 5 Things You Must Do/Eat/See at the OC Fair This Year


We are a fair family. At least ONCE every summer since my kids were born we hit the OC Fair. We have built years of memories and now we have added new ones with our new family — including my stepkids and their dad into our tradition.

We got to the OC Fair the first day it was open this year and spent the day doing all of our favorite things. Here is my list of things you simply must do this year at The OC Fair.


1.) The pig races. This was the first time my stepkids had seen the famous OC Fair pig races. I have to say when you try to talk someone into seeing pigs race it does sound kinda silly but rest assured — they loved it! It’s a MUST when visiting The Fair. TIP: Check the schedule for race times and get there early for shading spot.



2.) Your favorite ride. For my daughter Emily and me, this is it, The Sky Ride. Everyone has their ride of choice, but this is a crowd pleaser and on a hot day, a welcome way to cool down.




3.) The OC Fair corn dog. We like the dogs that are sold from the smaller trucks throughout the fair. The larger ones from Chicken Charlie’s are a bit too big for us. These little jewels are just perfect!


4.) The exhibits at The Fair. We love Centennial Farms the best! Emily has to see the OC Beekeeper exhibit every year and the garden there is a great way to remind kids where all those yummy veggies come from. Check out their daily schedule, here.

5.) Hit the Sky Way.  This is by far the best view of The Fair.