Thanks for the memories, Ruby

I was saddened to hear the news yesterday that Ruby’s Diner namesake and heart & soul “Ruby” had passed away.

This was posted on the Ruby’s Diner’s Facebook page:

It is with heavy hearts that we share this sad news. Ruby Cavanaugh, our beloved inspiration, passed away Sunday, December 27th at the age of 93. Ruby lived her life with a beautiful spirit of warmth, joy and kindness. She will continue to live on in our hearts and be the ever-youthful icon of our restaurants.


Many people didn’t know that Ruby’s was actually a real person (the mother of Ruby’s Diner Founder Doug Cavanaugh), but I knew very well. I was a Ruby’s girl years ago when I was in college. I work at the Ruby’s Diner in Crystal Court, Costa Mesa. Ruby was a regular visitor during those days. She would come in often and sit at the counter and shower us with compliments. Ruby would say things like,  “You girls are just lovely!” and “Aren’t you cute with your saddle shoes.” She loved to chat with us and just hang out like she was just one of the girls.


She never made a big deal that she was the “headliner” or the star. Ruby was always gracious and friendly. We weren’t like  “OMG! Everyone straighten up, Ruby is here!” It was more like “Ruby is here!” and we’d all run out to greet her.

I had the opportunity to interview her for OC Family TV a few years back when they redesigned Ruby’s Crystal Court. You can watch that video below. She even sat down with a group of our rambunctious kids to have a bite.

Ruby’s Diner will always hold a special place in my heart and I think much of the reason why is because of Ruby. Thanks for the memories, Ruby.

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